GM Goes Commando

2017 Chevrolet Colorado

When we see a Chevy Colorado on the road, it is generally roaring by. At Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood, a premier of car dealerships in NJ, we love to sell the Chevy Colorado just that way: strong, fast and loud. If you are in the Army on recon, however, the strong and fast would make you proud but the loud could find you held up by enemy fire instead.



The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Department Center (TARDEC) and General Motors have been collaborating for ten years on merging a hydrogen powered Colorado, the ZH2, with fuel cell technology to make vehicles for the front lines of war zones. It’s quite a lot to wrap your head around really.

A hydrogen tank hit by a bullet should blow sky high. But the fuel tank of a Colorado ZH2 can deflect .50-caliber rounds. It should also make a whole bunch of noise running on a combustion engine. But this new military concept vehicle runs on fuel-cells. It is powered by hydrogen gas mixed with oxygen that generates power for a silent electric motor. When in enemy territory, stealth and silence make a great working pair. That soldier on recon can sit in a running ZH2 and observe the enemy without sounding like a city in rush hour, thus, giving away his position. Not only is the ZH2 silent but it is built like an off-road roader on steroids. The drive system of the ZH2 produces incredibly high torque, so this bad boy can sloth through any environment just like it can stealth through them.


Results Not Just for the Military

One end result of the ZH2 technology for the civilian market is losing the combustion engine. An engine that generates its own power is critical to an economy that wishes to run without a dependence on so much fossil fuel. And, for autonomous vehicles, imagine not only not having to drive a vehicle but not having to get out in the slush and pump gas into it! Materials strong enough to withstand the power of a speeding bullet that doesn’t weigh two tons but can withstand the force of a ton is another boon to using less fossil fuels. It’s all a win!


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