Top 10 Moments of Chevrolet – Part II

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#7 Cruze’s amazing victory in WTCC

It surprised many as Chevy decided to depart from its signature style big displacement V8s in 2010 when it participated at World Touring Car Championship. It was just a season before that the BMWs had been dominating all over the world. Chevrolet achieved two major milestones in the championship be winning the Manufacturer’s Championship, as well as, the Driver’s Championship that year. It proved that a replacement for large displacement does work.

#6 1998 Daytona 500 Is won By Dale Earnhardt

Dale Sr. had been chasing the checkered flag for 19 years before conquering the Daytona 500 finally.  This was his first and sole win at the “Great American Race”. What followed thereafter is regarded as one of the most emotional moments in the history of sports when both the competitors and crews shook his hand while he drove the car slow and enjoyed his long drive to Victory Lane.

#5: It was Corvette vs. the remaining world

In 2008, Corvette beat the famous monsters like Porsche, Ferrari and BMW to emerge as the winner for the 8th consecutive time at the Manufacturer’s Championship. It became a highly successful team in the history of American Le Mans Series.

#4 Jimmie Johnson did it for the 5th time

Jimmie Johnson proved in 2010 that winning has become a habit for him.  He had ridden of-road Silverados to stadium S-10s and tasted success in all. In 2010 he rode a V8 Chevrolet car and clinched the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver’s Championships for the fifth consecutive time. It was an unprecedented feat and he was the first driver to achieve such an accomplishment.

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