The Airwaves Under Fire

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That Marconi opened up a can of worms with wireless telephony. Each generation of technology depending on the airwaves—telegraph, radio and television—have had to battle for a chunk of their broadcast real estate. This generation of wave riders is no different—the battle for data space on the spectrum is on fire. It’s the Automotive giants vs. Tech giants.


What’s the beef? Silicon Valley is out of room for its data spread and they want a piece of the space given to the Automotive industry by the FCC 17 years ago. In 1999, the automotive industry was awarded spectrum space as they developed safety features that require wireless (read data) communication capability.


The ability for a car to brake automatically requires vehicle-to-vehicle communication if it senses that a crash is imminent. For example, the 2017 Cadillac CTS-V has this technology. And for a car that can move 200-mph, dang straight you want a heads up.


To share the space allocated to it by the FCC, the automotive industry would incur huge costs and work. They would have to totally redevelop the technology on which its safety systems work and the hardware upon which vehicles already ride. Not a pretty picture for automotive commerce.


Pine Belt Chevrolet Subaru Chrysler-Jeep understands these safety and communication issues are important to you. The impact to vehicles on the road, the automotive industry and the safety of you and your passengers cannot be understated. We at Pine Belt Chevrolet Subaru Chrysler-Jeep invite you to visit us to test drive the many vehicles loaded with today’s latest technology both in communication and safety.





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