Chevy And IBM Work Together To Brighten Drivers’ Days


Have you heard of IBM’s supercomputer named Watson? It’s a highly intelligent machine that can analyze trends in human speech and knowledge to answer questions that would be difficult for anyone to solve. It can make word associations and take logical steps in managing complex problems that would be almost impossible for a computer or a human. But lately Chevy has partnered with this technological wonder to make the world a more joyous place and help people “find new roads.”


So how does Chevy’s new Global Positivity System, conveniently abbreviated GPS, function? To begin, Watson looks at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to observe the happiness and positivity that people are showing the rest of the world. It can find various phrases and small things like emoji use to determine a person’s mood and how they are affecting other people. Based on these factors the computer will award people who spread cheer and happiness with rewards like free gas. And even people who are having a difficult day can receive free fuel; after all, everyone needs a pick me up every now and then.


In conjunction with this happiness to fuel rewards system, Watson can assist people in experiencing Chevy’s tagline: “find new roads.” Based on previous and current travel destinations and activity interests, it can find new locations to visit or sights to see, to really help brighten your day or enjoy something new. Chevy has designed a global campaign around this slogan, and are hoping people take it to heart.


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