Tech Features of the Chevrolet Cruze


If you are the type of person who appreciates that most advanced and latest technology features even when miles away from civilization, then the all-new Cruze from Chevrolet is an excellent choice for you. It is a compact car that helps you in enjoy a sporty ride while delivering the absolute latest in technological and entertainment features.

It makes a style statement

The all new Cruze makes a style statement wherever you take it to. Its new design has an aerodynamic sculpting that gives it a distinctly sportier look with projector-beam, signature headlamps with LED technology. All these features leave a lasting impression on the onlookers of the vehicle.

Comfortable ride

Comfort is practically a synonym for Chevrolet Cruze. It is one of few compact cars on the market that comes with an array of premium quality comfort features. Some of these include heated rear and front seats made of leather and a heated steering wheel as well. Occupants can enjoy a quiet ride due to the specially designed laminated windshield to make your drive as restful as possible.

A Functional Vehicle

The best part of Chevrolet Cruze is that it not only looks stylish but is also highly functional. The rear seats of the car can be split-folded so that there is adequate space to store your luggage or whatever else you might need to take along with you.

Latest entertainment technology

The Chevrolet Cruze offers the most advanced entertainment technology for its occupants. There are many ways of being entertained in this highly advanced car. It comes with a seven-inch color touch-screen with latest phone integration features and an integrated 4G Wi-Fi so that even while traveling, the passengers are always connected with the outside world.

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