How 2017 Subaru WRX/STI Keeps Setting New Records – Part I

Subaru 1

There is a small island between Ireland and England that becomes a haven for sports and speed enthusiasts every year. Many of these speed freaks ride motorbikes at unreasonable paces to say the least. However, now Subaru has started making a habit of joining in and trying to prove that a four wheeler can also run with two wheels.

There has been no exception to the rule as far as the current year is concerned. Subaru is introducing its WRX STI, a race-prepped vehicle. The intention is quite simple and obvious. It will make an attempt to create another record of its kind around a road course that spans for about 60 km.

Earlier the team of Subaru had entered into a tie up with the famous driver, Mark Higgins and made him drive mostly all those WRX/STIs that were fresh from the showroom.  But, Subaru made a decision to do it little differently this time around.

Though Subaru did tie up with Mark Higgins even this year, the run was definitely different this year as it was not possible to simple go up to a Subaru dealer, located near your home and ask the salesperson that you want to own a WRX/STI that should be exactly like the one driven by Mark Higgins. No, that would not be possible this year as the one being driven by Higgins has a horsepower of 550 and is race-prepped.

The result was simply fabulous which in all likelihood must have made Subaru become ecstatic.  It did a lap of 17:35.139 along the racing course with an average of 207 kilometer per hour and exhibited a top speed of little over 271 kilometer per hour.

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