Subaru BRZ Highlights from Pine Belt Subaru

Subaru has always been known for backroads and outdoor adventure. When Subaru introduced a Subaru without AWD in 2012, heads turned as this new track-honed model was built with only the blacktop in mind. At Pine Belt Subaru, the best Subaru dealer NJ, we want you to know about this amazing vehicle.


The Subaru BRZ has 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque. This agile two-seater hits 60 mph in approximately 6.2 seconds. While these numbers may seem familiar a new, limited 2018 Subaru BRZ model brings something new to the table in terms of suspension.

The 2018 BRZ tS model actually expands on the upgrade found in the 2017 chassis. For 2018, the car borrows wheels, front and rear SACHS® dampers and coil springs and V braces from its model-mate, the STI.


The tS model also stands out from other BRZs with a carbon fiber spoiler. You can even fine-tune the spoiler’s rear downforce manually. In addition, the tS stands out with Cherry Blossom Red accents at the front grill, a signature rear bumper and a tS badge.  As if the spoiler wasn’t enough already!


Newer BRZ models lightened the clutch weight and continue to refine the stellar shifting. You can slip through the 6-speed manual like a knife through hot butter!  As the engine revs and the G-forces pull you back in your seat, you’ll love the power and torque, as well as the brilliant audible feedback from the racing exhaust.


The Subaru BRZ models are truly a performance enthusiast’s dream. If you want to test drive the best sports car around, you’ll want to come to Pine Belt Subaru.  The new limited edition models are arriving and they’ll go fast!

You can check out our inventory online at, and also make a service appointment.  Among car dealerships in NJ, no one beats Pine Belt Subaru!

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The Subaru BRZ – A Subaru Sports Car?

At first “Subaru sports car” doesn’t register. That is, not until you’ve seen the all-new Subaru BRZ from Pine Belt Subaru, your top Subaru dealer NJ. Then the lightbulb goes off.


The Way a Sports Car Layout Should Be

The rearward placed engine that sits low in the #2017SubaruBRZ means that optimal balance is what you get in the BRZ. The low center of gravity, quick reflexing and handling from the rear wheels — standard on all models of the BRZ — make the BRZ everything you want in a sports car. The low base curb weight also sharpens handling and improves performance for you.

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Tech Features of the New Subaru BRZ


If you are planning to own the new Subaru BRZ or are in the process of doing so you will relay marvel at the uniquely designed SUBARU BOXER® engine as well as the various small digital luxuries that the car seems to feature. Each Subaru BRZ vehicle has been intelligently and specially designed for the right kind of reasons.


Here is a technology that offers the convenience of hands-free, so that your audio and phone system can be managed by voice. The audio system of Subaru can be directly linked through a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The technology is available on all Subaru models including the BRZ.

In-vehicle technology  – Subaru STARLINK™

It is a new in-vehicle technology that is integrated with the innovative Pandora® app so that your Subaru’s dashboard could display all the necessary information and brings communication and smart phone entertainment. There is a 6.2 inches adaptive and in-dash touch-screen.

Start using a push-button and keyless access

Subaru BRZ provides touch-activated door unlocking, as well as, start functions using push button, Thus, you can easily enter, unlock, start and enter your car without using your car keys and you can let them be inside your wallet or pocket.

Infotainment through AHA™, SIRIUSXM™ and Premium audio

The all new Subaru BRZ takes pride in its advanced audio system with eight-speaker and a built in CD player in the dashboard. Other entertainment features include SiriusXM™, capability of MP3 playback and All Access Radio [2}, that can offer a maximum of 180 music news, sports, weather and channels of other categories. These features are available in all models of Subaru including BRZ.

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