Interior Features of the Chrysler 200


The Chrysler 200 is essentially non-recognizable from its first generation model. The Chrysler 200 in 2016 is an appealing, comfortable and extremely stylish sedan in one of the most competitive segments in the automotive market. Its interior boasts of all the latest functionalities with ample space, sliding cup holders and the dashboard is full with the latest materials, fits and finishes. Check out some of its key interior features:

Smart space
The console design of the car gives it a sophisticated look with high-tech connectivity, ergonomic functionality and convenient storage space.

Versatile console
The interior of a sedan has been redefined in the new Chrysler 200. An all new space efficient and ergonomic console has replaced the earlier traditional console inside. Features such as high-tech connectivity functionalities, electric parking brake, climate controls, and a Rotary E-shift have made the console versatile along with unusual storage facilities.

Spacious cabin and comfortable seats
The cabin offers adequate shoulder room in both its rear and front. That ensures that the occupants can comfortably stretch out. Its sculpted seats provide great comfort level, as well as, excellent support. The front seats are well-ventilated and heated. The power driver seat comes with a memory feature with radio station pre-sets and power mirror in the exterior.

Steering wheel with a soft touch
200 models come with steering wheels that have control switches for voice command, and audio, along with paddle shifters, as well as, heat.

Sunroof to enjoy an interrupted open view
The new Chrysler 200 provides two different types of sunroofs, a larger sunroof with dual-pane and a power sunroof in standard size.

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The Chevrolet SS Is Great Car, Often Gotten For Cheap, Used


Whenever there will be a list made for all those good cars that people are not purchasing, the name of Chevrolet SS will definitely feature in it. The Chevy SS is equipped with superb features such as rear-wheel drive, mag-ride suspension and a 415 horsepower engine with LS3 V8. It can be easily considered as an E39 M5 of modern times. However, despite having all the qualities of a great car, its sale has not been impressive. The reason for such dismissal performance is not because people do not want to buy them but because they are not getting the one that they would want to.

When the production of Pontiac G8 was stopped, there were many who had requested GM for another rear-drive, V8 sports sedan. It was in the year 2013 when an announcement was made by Chevrolet that it is introducing the Chevrolet SS and the fans were absolutely thrilled. But soon it was disclosed that the model is not equipped with a manual transmission.

In 2015, one thing was very clear for the car experts. As far as performance was concerned, Chevrolet SS definitely had an edge. Perhaps that is why many people are baffled about its lack of sales. One of the reasons that have led to its poor sales performance may be inadequate marketing activities to promote the features of Chevrolet SS which is indeed a shame. Moreover, when you drive this car, you realize what a sublime experience it is that is quite rarely available in a big RWD sedan now-a-days. The car is tidy and taught though it is a large sedan.

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