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Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood NJ is the most trusted New Jersey Chevy dealer in the Jersey Shore. #PineBeltCars has been a family owned vehicle dealer since 1937. We love doing business here!

Our Pine Belt Service Team is knowledgeable and experienced. They offer service for the Chevy brand, as well as all other makes and models of vehicles. Our expert service technicians also like to share information about how things work in a vehicle, for example, how a vehicle’s defrosting system works.

The front window defroster is designed to remove frost, ice and condensation from your front windshield, so you can see when you’re driving, even in icy or snowy weather.

Typically, condensation forms to frost or ice on the windows when the outdoor temperature is colder than the temperature inside the vehicle.

Your vehicle’s front defroster system includes vents aimed at the windshield.  In newer vehicles, there are also side vents in the dashboard aimed at the driver’s side and the passenger’s side windows. The same fan and blower motor of your heater and air conditioner systems circulates air to the vents to defrost the windows. Rear window defrosters typically operate from electric wiring built into the rear window. The wiring
heats up the window, causing the frost and ice to melt.

Your vehicle’s front defroster system relies on the coolant, thermostat, heating system and blower fan. These all need to be operating properly for your defroster to clear your windows. Our Service Technicians can check your defroster system and any other recommended maintenance for your vehicle.

Come visit us at Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood, NJ.  Our Service Team will welcome you and recommend maintenance for your vehicle.  Pine Belt Chevy is proud to serve New Jersey customers with a great deal more commitment, dedication and honesty than any Lakewood car dealers. The expert Service Team at #PineBeltChevrolet can answer any of your questions.  Check out our website at for our complete inventory, or to set up a service appointment!





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