Chevrolet Shows Support of United States Military

Pine Belt 2 Chevrolet Shows Support of United States Military

This year marks the fourth year that Chevrolet has sponsored the Army-Navy collegiate football game. Chevrolet sponsors this patriotic classic in order to showcase its support of the United States Military. For the 2015 game, Chevrolet wanted to have a greater focus on the military’s Special Forces. U.S. Naval Academy graduate and Former General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson and retired U.S. Navy SEAL Master Chief Rick Kaiser saluted the Special Forces during the game. Chevrolet also showcased the Chevrolet Silverado Special Ops concept as it was announced that the Naval-inspired Silverado is on its way to the production line. There will be a limited number of models coming out of production, but every time a “Razzle Dazzle” camouflage-painted unit is sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Navy SEAL Museum. Get ready to order a Chevrolet Silverado Special Ops from Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood as the vehicle is coming in spring 2016.






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