Fun Day Food Date In Lakewood

Lakewood, New Jersey may not seem like a restaurant mecca, but when lunchtime or romance comes around, the staff at the hottest of Chevrolet dealers NJ go for the hottest spots for food in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Not Your Everyday Taco Tuesday

Any day of the week can be Taco Tuesday at Taqueria Madrigal in Lakewood for staffers and customers alike. No Tex-Mex here, it is all authentic Mexican cuisine. From the pozole to the menudo to the handmade flan — you won’t find a better taqueria in Jersey. Create your feast from eight types of tacos, burritos made to order, authentic enchiladas and homemade guacamole. It’s located at 105 Cedar Bridge, just five short minutes from Pine Belt Chevy.


When Love is in the Air

Nothing goes better with romance than great food. At Estoreia, the food is amazing and the ambiance is candlelight elegant to set your mood to love. The wine list is extensive to pair with anything from their delectable duck to a luscious rustic lamb shank. You’ll find Estoreia at 978 River Avenue in Lakewood.


Smell the Coffee

Nothing says ‘home’ like the main street coffee shop. Notice we said “main street” and not “mainstream.” Just up the street at 108 Ocean in Lakewood you will find French Press Coffee Roasters. A ginormous selection of coffees roasted on the premises and freshly ground to be brewed right before you awaits amidst the aroma. Really dragging after one too many the night before? Have yourself the cold brew on ice with cream and sugar. Heaven for a hangover or the start of a hard day. Take a bottle to go to get you through the day.


Come Visit us at Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood, NJ

Bring your vehicle into be serviced by the the expert technical team at #PineBeltChevrolet. Pick up a cold brew from the French Press Coffee Roasters and an order of pollo tacos with a tamale on your way in and enjoy the culinary delights of Lakewood while you wait. After lunch, walk around and check out the inventory of the most amazing of car dealerships in NJ. You can also surf our inventory on the web at





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