Chrysler History – Part 1

New Yorker

Chrysler has a proud lineage and a long history. It all started in between the years 1920 to 1924 when 3 engineers namely Carl Breer, Owen Skelton and Fred Zeder teamed up with Chrysler so that they could  create a revolution by designing a remarkable car and the rest is actually history.  It was the same team that conceptualized the various products that the Chrysler brand would constitute of. They thought of “luxury vehicles” that could be affordable to the masses and came out with superior and innovative engineering.

In 1924, Chrysler Six was churned out. It was a brand new car that cost $1,565 and sported 2 major innovations. For the first time, there was a 4-wheel hydraulic brakes that were available as standard features in a passenger car.  The Chrysler Six was a well-equipped car that also had indirect interior lighting, shock absorbers, tubular front axles, full-pressure lubrication, air filters, replaceable oil and aluminum pistons.

1930 to 1935

Only within a decade from the time of its initial launch, thanks to its being a leader in the field of innovation, the Chrysler Corporation came to be referred as the “engineering company” of Detroit. Chrysler had a long list of “firsts in the field of automotive innovations such as the following:

  • 1-piece curved windshields
  • Downdraft carburetors
  • Replaceable oil filters
  • Floating Power that was a fresh technique to mount engines so that vibration could be isolated.

With its premiere Imperial series, Chrysler made its entry into a competition at a higher level. An Imperial in the early thirties of the last century gave a stiff competition to a  Duesenberg as far as the styling is concerned but was priced at just about one third the price of the latter. The Imperial came with a body that was build in a customized manner from Briggs or LeBaron, had an engine that produced a horsepower of 125, a wheel-base measuring 145-inch and was priced at $3,145.

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