Got Kids? (In Ocean County)

Things to do near Lakewood

Summer in the city, even if it’s the suburban city of Lakewood, New Jersey, can be tough if you have kids. No matter what age they are, boredom comes easily and quickly like a fever in the winter. At Pine Belt Chevrolet, we are celebrating 80 years in the business of providing quality automotive products and services. And, we’re celebrating 80 years of keeping cars on the roads for taking kids around to find summer fun. Here are a few ideas from us to you for summer fun in #LakewoodNJ.

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The Glory Days

One of the things we at Pine Belt Chevrolet, your premier of car dealerships in NJ and Chevrolet Dealers NJ, love about Lakewood, NJ is that it has a rich and wondrous history. Back in the middle of the 1800s it would be every day normal to see the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and Astors strolling down the walkways. They were drawn here by the countryside in which they vacationed and the waters they believed had healing properties. The 323 acres that made up the Rockefeller vacation estate is now Ocean County Park.

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