Subaru Attempting to Maintain the Beauty of the World

Subaru has always had a major interest in conserving the world’s beauty and minimizing the company’s, as well as the world’s waste. Subaru has done a major part in its own operations by initiating practices within its operations to become a zero-waste manufacturer. In June, Subaru announced that it will work with the National Park Service to share its knowledge on reducing waste that ends up at the landfill. Subaru will be partnering with the National Parks Conservation Association to test sustainable practices at a few locations. The great thing is that if these practices show a positive impact, the 408 locations of the National Park System will adopt these applications. Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood urges you to check out the recently released trailer of the “Who We Are Is What We Leave Behind” documentary trailer. The documentary will showcase the initiatives for National Parks creating no waste.





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