Benefits for Jeep Introducing a Pickup to the Market

Pine Belt 1 Benefits for Jeep Introducing a Pickup to the Market

Fiat Chrysler’s assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio manufacturers Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees. Within a few years, it is expected for this particular assembly to expand its operations into the production of a Wrangler-based pickup. It is possible that the pickup will also contain similar characteristics to that of the Gladiator Concept car that was revealed in 2005. There are two benefits for introducing a pickup. The Toledo factory has reached max capacity since the vehicles it manufactures−Wranglers and Cherokees−are being sold at a rapid pace. The factory does not have the capacity to produce more and it has been very difficult for Jeep to even think about moving locations. The pickup will now allow the Cherokee to be made at the same productivity at a new plant, while maintaining the productivity of the Wrangler in Toledo, but filling the Cherokee’s spot with the pickup. Another great benefit is being able to capitalize on the hot segments of pickups and SUVs. Jeep now has created a niche market that may attract consumers from both markets. Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep in Lakewood is excited to see the reveal of the Wrangler-based Jeep pickup.




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