The Never Ending Rivalry between Subaru and Mitsubishi


It has been truly a constant rivalry between both Subaru and Mitsubishi. Both these vehicle makers were founded in the early nineties. This was the time when Subaru and Mitsubishi took part in the World Rally Championship and have been at loggerheads. The rivalry became even fierce when both these vehicle makers did away with their heavy, all-wheel drive and bulky WRC cars- Legacy (Subaru) and Galant (Mitsubishi) and moved towards manufacturing and promoting their lighter and more compact cars, namely Impreza and the Lancer.

By the year 2003, the rivalry between WRX vs. Evo was already fierce in the global car marker. Subaru made a strategic decision of sending its WRX model to the United States but Mitsubishi also followed suit taking its Evo 8 to the North American nations.

However, nothing is constant as they. When Subaru decided to pull back its WRX STI form the Detroit auto show last year, Mitsubishi made a crucial decision of stopping its production of the Lancer Evolution right after its 2015 model.

The fierce competition between Subaru and Mitsubishi that had once seemed to be never-ending for years and constant brawls that reached across the market may head for a ceasefire after those decisions. But there is a big question in the mind of car enthusiasts all over the world. When the production of Lancer Evolution is ended by Mitsubishi, what will happen to Subaru’s WRX STI? That’s a reply only time can give.

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