What You Need to Know Before Buying the Impreza WRX-STI: What to Look For – II


The Subaru Impreza WRX-STI is the lightest and rawest of the entire bunch and comes with a default torque split of 35/65.

If you have seen the model that was introduced in 2005, you will agree that it resembles its 2004 model year predecessor quite a lot. Though the interior of the 2005 got revised, the all-important and signature style immobilizer still continued. However, as compared to the 2004 Subaru model, the model introduced in 205 was slightly heavier. Apart from the weight difference, both these models more or less looked identical.

Come 2006 and Subaru came up with a grille that resembled somewhat similar to an Alfa-Romeo upside down and the torque split was further moved forward to 41/59 from front to rear.

The Subaru model of 2006 was also equipped with unique front control arms made of aluminum. There are many fans of Subaru who feel that the year 2006 was the best time for both the WRX and the STI.

2007 saw the vehicle featuring taller ratios for its gears as opposed to its earlier model. There were changes made to the ECU, as well as, the wastegate actuator.

In a serious attempt before Subaru could do its changeover to a GR-chassis hatchback, the carmaker launched what it called the STI’s grown-up version that was referred to as Limited.  The name itself indicates that these care are quite rare and only around 800 of them were sold in the United States market. The Limited editions had a leather interior and greater use of sound-deafening materials. They can be regarded as the Touring editions of Subaru STIs.

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Spy Photos of the 2017 Subaru BRZ Are Online


The new Scion FR-S is not the only joint version sports car from Toyota and Subaru that will get a major facelift.

Spy photos were uploaded on a forum called FT86Club. These pictures seem to belong to the all-new Subaru BRZ that will come out in 2017. The car seems to be closely following the Toyota 86 that has been revised recently. The changes in the car are subtle but may help the new Subaru model to be on pace with its counterpart from Toyota.

The car’s front end features the same shape of the grille like the model that is existing in the market right now. But there is a change on the vents on both sides of the car. The auxiliary lights are non-existent now and seem to have been integrated within the new headlights that feature fresh features. Even the taillights seem to have been revised in a similar fashion.

There seem to be additional auxiliary controls in the car’s interiors that have been integrated with the car’s steering wheel. It appears that there will be a new and interesting infotainment head unit installed in the car’s dashboard as well. The interior trim may be also revised. One key question that many seem to be asking is if the revised BRZ shall get any upgrades in its mechanical or power features. But that can be only known after some time when the vehicle is formally launched.

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