The New Cherokee Gets Put To The Test With High Expectations

Jeep Cherokee Radiator

Gearing and low end torque

It should be remembered that crawl ratio does not mean everything.  Some of the vital elements for the equation in tractive force are low end torque and size.  Although the V6 and 3.2 liter engine of KL boasts of a more powerful reviving engine than the 4 liter grunty engine of the old KL, it appears that the KL possesses lot of power to climb up steep roads and you can drive it with great confidence while at a low speed.

None of these two vehicles seem to need greater gearing for achieving higher force on to the ground. On the other hand, the cable-driven and linear throttle response of XJ is much more appreciated than that of the KL’s system.

As far as this category is concerned, none of the two vehicles is a clear winner.


The new Jeep Cherkee is equipped with twenty nine inch tire as compared to the 28 inches tires of the old XJ. However, a 29-inches tire can be fitted into the old XJ without much of a problem. But you may have to juggle and rub white trying to accommodate a bigger tire in the case of the new KL.

When you compare a stock XJ with a stock KL straight from a factory with respect to their tires, none of these 2 vehicles stand at a noticeable advantage. But when you compare the tires of the new Cherokee with that of XJ, the former emerges as a winner.

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