Subaru Will be Receiving an Annual Sales Cap

Pine Belt 2 Subaru Will be Receiving an Annual Sales Cap

President of Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru’s parent company), Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, claims that being too big is a thing. Yoshinaga plans on halting the sales of Subaru vehicles once the annual sales hits 1.03 million units. Future annual sales caps may be raised to 1.1 million units. This idea revolves around maintaining the brand’s appeal in the niche market. Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood sees many challenges in this scheme, due to the rapid growth the company is experiencing. The year 2015 marks the seventh straight year that Subaru has experienced record sales. The company has already surpassed its 2014 sales by almost 100,000 units with two more months left in the year. Additionally, with the introduction of a redesigned Impreza, a seven-seater crossover, a plug-in hybrid, and a new-generation BRZ coupe in the near future, the company is expecting even more growth. Subaru is highly committed to this annual sales cap because the company does not want to lose the brand’s characteristic, so finding the appropriate balance is key.





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