Chevrolet Gives Prince Tribute in New Ad


When Pop star Prince passed away all of a sudden, there was no end of tributes from different countries. One of the most touching tributes was paid by General Motor’s Chevrolet division. It was a touching tribute but done in a low-key manner.

Full-page ads were bought in six newspapers by Chevrolet in memory of the legendary singer. The pictures showed a Chevrolet Corvette of the 1963 model year with a fitting caption: “Baby that was much too fast” as the late singer was paid tribute for his 1982 hit number “Little red Corvette

The picture was tweeted on Twitter and uploaded on Facebook too. However, General Motors wanted to do it in an understated manner. That was the reason why the name of General Motors and Chevrolet did not feature in these ads apart from the car’s picture.

Craig Daith, who is the social media manager of Chevy and its advertising spokesman, confessed that he and his boys were thinking along similar lines when he heard that his Vice President advertising in Chevy was thinking of paying a tribute to Prince.

The team devoted an entire afternoon thinking about how to pay a clean tribute to the legend without making it look like a marketing activity. Chevy’s advertisement partner Commonwealth/ McCann also worked in association with the advertisement team to give the final touches to the tribute.

As soon as the tribute was tweeted, the brand got a good response from its followers. There were 8,599 users who ‘liked’ the tweet. The number of retweets was about 8,346.

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