An Inside Look At The Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 3

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Though the diesel engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is quite powerful, it is not at all overwhelming.  Once the engine is lit, a welcome shove is provided by the torque generated.

The vehicle is simply perfect for driving on the highways. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is steady, as well as, smooth on an open road, particularly when the air suspension is set into an aero mode. The vehicle is comfortable and prompt and its steering is quite well weighted. The suspension is highly compliant too. The Grand’s SRT version offers a pretty good ride to you too around a town.

On an average the Grand gives a mileage of about 22.35 miles per gallon for mixed driving. On a highway, the vehicle offers a mileage of about 27.48 miles per gallon while testing that is quite close to what the EPA claims (28 miles per gallon to be precise).

Its EcoDiesel engine takes pride in a similar towing capacity when compared to the Hemi. The latter has a towing capacity of 7,200 pounds in its 4X4 variants and 7,400 in its 4X2 models. The engine offers a superior fuel economy as compared to the gas version of V-6 engines. In fact, the engine delivers the better of the two worlds. Though the price of the EcoDiesel engine is higher than the gas models, the diesel driving features and the additional fuel economy makes it a preferred choice as many experts would claim.

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