Subaru PZEV Technology


The complete name of Subaru PZEV is “Partial Zero Emission Vehicle”. The vehicle offers an eco-friendly, no-compromise, and affordable alternative to the car enthusiasts. Though the PZEV from Subaru operates on regular and unleaded fuel, it delivers smog reducing and other significant eco-friendly advantages. The vehicle also offers similar performance as compared to the SUVs and other non-PZEV vehicles such as alternative fuel, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

Subaru PZEV can be categorized as the cleanest running car that is powered by gasoline. The vehicle was specifically designed for meeting California’s quality standards with respect to air and environment.  In fact, California has the most stringent air quality standards in the entire North America. The Subaru PZEV should be having 0 evaporative emissions and adhere to the SULEV or “Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle”.

The PZEVs enable the drivers to bring down the harmful impacts on the surrounding environment while compromising nothing and providing a win-win situation for all.

Fuel Injectors

The vehicle’s fuel injectors are tighter than the regular injectors so that evaporative emissions can be prevented from any type of fuel leakage.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter of the Subaru PZEV is highly capable of reducing harmful emissions into the environment. There are metal catalysts whose function is to change the structure of molecules for any type of offensive emissions that make an attempt to get through.

Environmental benefits

Check out some of the environmental benefits offered by a Subaru PZEV.

  • Ownership is hassle free
  • Tremendous safety
  • There is no change in its performance
  • Reliability assured by Japanese technology
  • Affordable
  • Technology used is not complicated
  • Truly versatile
  • Alternative fuels are not needed.

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