An Inside Look At The Jeep Grand Cherokee Part 2

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

In continuation with the discussion on the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee from the first part… its engine can be paired with 8-speed, automatic transmission and excellent 8HP70 from ZF. Apart from the updates in its powertrain, the Jeep Grand Cherokee also got a face lift as far as its interior is concerned. It has been revamped to include the DIC or Driver Information Center, instrument cluster and a fresh center stack with fresh color choices.

Its DIC is highly configurable now and can use a computer generated picture for the speed readout or that of the speedometer. The instrument cluster in its interior blends a seven-inch TFT or Thin-Film Transistor screen with traditional physical gauges. The screen can be configured in a manner to display various data points explaining the operation of the vehicle.

Chiseled rump and a fresh face are some of the other attributes that have been added on the vehicle’s interior updates. The signature style LED lighting is contemporary in look and is placed on Grand’s rear and front so that it can be easily distinguished when you take it out on a road.

As soon as you push the ignition button first, you will see the instant light on the EcoDiesel. It then settles down to being smooth and quiet. When you start moving, a slight mechanical sound from its engine reminds you that that the existence of gas engine is not there.

The shifts due to its 8-speed is rapid while its transmission responds easily to the throttle inputs and do not get lost even after the presence of so many gears.

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