Chevrolet Camaro SS Engine Sound: Review

SS Camaro

If you are one of those car enthusiasts who adore the throaty V-8’s sound, you will be delighted with the engine of the Camaro SS from Chevrolet. However, to get the best experience, its convertible version actually demands to be ridden with its top down.

When you ride or drive the SS along a windy and hilly road, the car is undoubtedly at its best. It roars when covering straight ways and purrs while turning to the absolute pleasure of the driver.

If you are looking for one of Camaro’s sportier version, then SS is the car for you. It is powered by a huge 6.2 l and V-8 engine with 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions along with paddle shifters.

Its powertrain is quite satisfactory for 455 horsepower. You can actually listen to its thundering hooves in this massive beast. At least, the pedestrians and bicyclists can definitely hear it.

It is expected that the current Camaro SS convertible will now be followed by a hotter and newer version in the coming year, ZL1 with 640-hp.

One more reason why this muscle car from Camaro is so quick is because of its lighter body. In fact, as compared to its earlier model, it weighs 223 pounds less. The SS with AT mode is supposed to give a mileage of 28 miles per gallon on a highway and about 17 miles per gallon on city roads. Its convertible top is not made of metal but cloth can be easily lowered or raised when the car is moving at a speed of up to a maximum of 30 miles per hour.

In case you are a car lover, the sound that emits from under its hood will be sheer magic for your ears.

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