The Always Incredible Concept Car


Auto shows, parts shows and magazine articles are each full of them. Concept vehicles. The ever interesting and appealing concept vehicle.


Some concept vehicles are so wild, they won’t ever see a production line. They are more like eye candy for the car enthusiast. They create an image in the mind of the of the consumer. Recently, Chevrolet exhibited a Colorado Z71 concept vehicle that is concepted for surfers. Seeing this concept car could plant the seed of sporty Chevrolet in your mind. Automotive manufacturers may take surveys to see what Joe Public liked about the Z71 concept car.


Will the #ChevroletColoradoZ71 concept vehicle ever make it to market? Well, Hurley, the surf gear mega-supplier, worked with Chevrolet on the design. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that if, after it is exhibited several times and enough demand is created, it just may go into production. Maybe even as a limited edition with only so many coming off the assembly line.


Race cars and high performance cars have certainly generated enough demand to go into production for street driving. The Viper is a great example. Currently, Chevrolet has a Corvette with a mid-engine in concept stage. The mid-engine C8 has been spied on the tracks of proving grounds and automotive legend, Bob Lutz, says he had the mid-engine Corvette greenlighted when he worked at General Motors before the downturn in the economy. Now there is rumor a plant is being retooled to put the concept Corvette into production. Hype or fiction? Only time will tell.


Keep visiting our website at www.pinebeltchevrolet and look for the latest news on the Colorado Z71 and Corvette C8 concept cars. Our bet at Pine Belt, and no one gives us any advance confirmation or a crystal ball, but our guess is there are enough surfers and Corvette lovers around the world to give each vehicle momentum to go from concept to street-real. When they do—stop into Pine Belt Chevrolet and let’s take them for a spin.





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