The All New Electric Chevy Bolt Passes The 200 Mile Range


Transitioning to an electric car is one of the simplest ways to save money on gas while improving air quality. Electric cars such as the Chevy Bolt use a powerful battery to move the car forward rather than diesel or unleaded gasoline, which means they don’t emit any carbon byproducts. These batteries are being upgraded and improved each year in order to make the car more powerful and able to drive longer. The newest Bolt model has a stunning 238-mile range, a huge leap in distance from previous versions.


Range is the most important word when it comes to electric cars. For years scientists and engineers have worked to efficiently use each charge and propel the car the farthest. The range estimate takes into account the number of miles a vehicle can travel in a mix of city and highway conditions, and this year Chevy has finally eclipsed 200 miles.


This milestone per se is a huge increase that passes all other competitors, with the Tesla Model S being the only other electric car to provide more than 200 miles this year. This range is crucial in assuring car drivers that electric cars are worth investing in, and that mile benchmarks will keep on rising. A longer charge appeals every driver, and with a larger adoption of electric vehicles it would incentivize companies to build even more charging stations around the country.


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