Pine Belt Chevrolet’s 5 Signs You Need Brake Pads

Brake pads

If you want to protect the investment in your car, truck, minivan or SUV, it’s important to take care of routine and not-so-routine maintenance.  You never know exactly how long your brakes and brake pads are going to last.  That’s why the service experts at Pine Belt Chevrolet put together this list of things to look out for when it comes to brake pads.


Do you hear a squealing noise when you are driving, even if you’re not braking?  Does the sound go away when you press on the brakes? The sounds you hear are from the “wear indicators.” When the brake pad wears down, the wear indicator scrapes against the rotor, creating that squealing noise.


In some vehicles, the brake pads are kept steady with clips, bolts or pins. Should they become loose, they will begin to rattle and create a clicking noise.

Brake Fade

Do you tend to use your brakes over a long distance without bringing your vehicle to a complete stop?  If so, it will take a toll on your brakes eventually. It causes your brake pads to make contact with the rotors for an extended period, which heats them up. That heat reduces friction and you’ll then start to notice your brakes not working as well.

Brake Turning

Did you know that brake pads don’t always wear out at the same rate? Your vehicle can actually be prone to one side wearing out quicker than the other, which causes your vehicle to pull slightly in either direction when you apply the brakes. If you sense a pull to one side or the other, take your car to a service expert as soon as possible.


Is your brake pedal shaking whenever you step on it? If so, you need to get your pads checked out immediately. Brake pads are held together with binding resin and as the brake pads wear down, the adhesive gets hot and smears across the rotor. If the adhesive spreads unevenly, it results in vibrating and you’ll need to get it fixed.

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