Comparing The New Jeep Cherokee Against The Old One

Jeep Cherokee Comparison

The U-Joints and the axle tubes of the old XJ in its front make it quite a robust vehicle as compared to the independent setup of the new Jeep Cherokee with its vulnerable CV boots made of rubber and exposed halfshafts. Since it is made of rubber, in case it gets torn, water can easily enter and subsequently damage the bearings.

The U-Joints are much stronger than the CV axles. Along with these, lower fascia made of plastic material and rocker panel covers made of cheap materials is vulnerable to scratches. Thus, it appears that the old XJ has a better robust package than the new KL though the latter’s underbody skid-plating is much more extensive. However, since the XJ that was tested for robustness did not have any skid plates, as far as this parameter is concerned, it can be regarded as a draw.


As far as the traction is concerned, the all-new Cherokee from Jeep wins hands down. There is an Axle Rear Drive system in its rear that includes a real mechanical locker. It can help you to move past the steepest grades quite easily.  The KL deploys the ABS system to cause the wheel to brake with lower traction while transmitting the power to its wheel, without losing its strong grip. The setup is also known as Brake Lock Differential and after combining with its rear locker, no one can stop the new KL when it climbs on loose hill. Thus, KL emerges as the clear winner with respect to this parameter.

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