They Paid WHAT For The Baby Driver Subaru?

Baby Driver - Subaru Models

Pine Belt Subaru has been following a specific Ebay listing since it first caught our eye. You might be wondering why our Subaru dealer NJ cares about something on Ebay but it’s because of a famous Impreza that joined the Hollywood scene this year with the release of Baby Driver.

You’ve Never Heard Of Baby Driver?

We might be biased, since the hero stunt mobile used in the making of the movie is a Subaru, but Baby Driver is one of Pine Belt Subaru’s favorite flicks of 2017. If you haven’t seen the film yet, we highly recommend it. The improbable stunts pulled off by this baby in the opening scene were quite impressive. It’s amazing to us that it’s still in one piece, too.

What The Buyer Is Getting

There were 71 total bids made, which eventually ended at $69,100. That’s a pretty hefty price tag considering this vehicle has been through the ringer and is far from mint condition. But even with it’s unimpressive condition and 158,000 miles, it’s famous for goodness sake! Pine Belt Subaru thinks $69k is a steal.

A few adjustments were made to this 2006 Impreza WRX. It started out grey but as seen in the movie, it now struts its stuff wearing bright red. It also said goodbye to all-wheel drive and is now a rear-wheel drive vehicle. One last thing, the seller does admit that it has a few scratches and dings. It also no longer has a warranty package available.

No FOMO At Pine Belt Subaru

A $69K used vehicle might not rev your engines. But don’t worry because Pine Belt Subaru has a wide range of affordable preowned vehicles to choose from at our Lakewood car dealers. The only request we make is that you refrain from driving your new ride like Baby does in the film.


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