2017 Subaru BRZ- Full coverage- Part 2

Exterior Features
Though Subaru BRZ has been revamped for its 2017 model, do not have any expectations that there will be big differences on its exterior features. You will observe a similar hood with a similar grille with wide-mouth and a running long insert on its top edge.
But there is a change in its headlights and the front fascia of the car. The headlights now sport a different look with its LED light strip dominating more. The shape of its current fascia may be same though its width is little more now. Moreover, the fascia’s front lip curves in an upward direction now so that the vents sport more like a three-dimensional look. The LED fog lamps are located in its upper trim levels.
BRZ also has a similar tale to tell with respect to its rear and sides that have seen little alterations in its styling. But the 17- inch wheels made of aluminum alloy have been a change as compared to its earlier model.
Its upper trim levels sport a rear spoiler in body-color with full-LED taillights in the rear. Apart from that, it was decided by Subaru that the BRZ was exactly okay apart from making some alterations in its rear diffuser and side skirts.

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