Don’t Get Stuck in The Snow This Winter

Snow on Windshield

Winter is definitely here in Lakewood Township, and that means more icy, slushy, snowy roads—and more opportunities to get stuck.  At Pine Belt Subaru, Pine Belt Chevrolet and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep, we thought we’d share some tips about how NOT to get stuck this winter.


  1. Never Stop. That’s right, don’t stop if you find yourself sliding off the road or headed toward a drift or slush pile. In all likelihood, your vehicle’s momentum can carry you out of the slush and mush.
  2. Don’t Spin Your Wheels. No matter how tempting it is, or how frustrated you are, just stop spinning your wheels, unless you are on solid ground like asphalt or concrete. Spinning your wheels usually just makes it worse.
  3. Don’t Use Too Much Power. Use the throttle sparingly. Use part throttle if too much power is overpowering the tires and snow. A little less power can actually help get you out.
  4. Start Rocking. Use the engine to roll the vehicle forward, then put it in reverse, roll it backward and then shift to drive and roll forward.  If you do this several times, it can build momentum for the vehicle and get it out of the rut it’s stuck in.  Once you’re over the hump and moving in one direction, you can power out of the mess until you get on solid ground.
  5. Try A Little Traction. You can use small rocks, pebbles, dirt, twigs and even kitty litter by your tires to try to get some traction.


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