The Scoop About Driving on Icy Roads

Hey, we live in New Jersey.  Of course we know how to drive on icy roads, right?


Not so fast.  Just because you’ve got lots of experience driving on icy roads, doesn’t mean you can drive faster than 45 miles per hour.  That’s right.  Experts say the fastest you can drive on icy roads is 45 mph.  But they actually recommend driving 10 miles per hour.  Because you can slide off the road in treacherous black ice going that slow.  More importantly, you aren’t usually the only one on the road, and while YOU may  be experienced driving on icy roads, the people around you may not be.  They could easily spin out or slide into you, unless you are keeping your distance from them—and driving at a slower speed.


At the Pine Belt family of dealerships in Lakewood NJ, we wanted to share a list of safety precautions for driving on icy roads with you.  Here’s what our service technicians recommend:


  • If you don’t have to go out on an icy day, don’t.
  • Read the weather forecast so you know what to expect.
  • Wear a seat belt at all times. Each year, there are many road fatalities that happen because someone had a minor accident on an icy road, but a seat belt wasn’t worn.
  • Don’t stop for accidents or stranded vehicles. Yes, it’s nice to be a Good Samaritan, but pulling over to the side of the road on an icy highway can cause other drivers to brake and lose control.  It’s better to call 911 and report the issue and let them handle it.
  • Icy road accidents tend to be in multiples. Once one car spins out or control, other drivers tend to do the same.  that’s why you should leave plenty of room between you and other drivers and drive at a very slow rate of speed.


Pine Belt Can Prepare You For Winter


Bring your vehicle to Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru or Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep and let us make sure your vehicle is ready for winter.  We’ll check your wiper blades, tires, fluid levels and more. As premier Lakewood car dealers, we are here to help you stay safe on the roads.  No wonder we’re among the top car dealerships in NJ!


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