Storing Your Vehicle The Smart Way

If you’re going on a long trip or have a summer Subaru that won’t be used over the winter months, Pine Belt Subaru has a few things to keep in mind. Short-term storage would typically be between 3 and 6 months and long-term would be anything longer than that. If your vehicle isn’t stored properly during long-term storage, your engine and cylinder surface can rust and you’ll also risk fuel and carburetor issues. Before you just park and forget it, try these ideas from our Subaru dealer NJ.


Education About Storage

  • Batteries – get a charger or maintainer that you can plug into the wall. They will keep the battery charged long-term and are typically not too expensive. Pine Belt Subaru also suggests disconnecting the battery.
  • Fuel Additives – Adding this will prevent octane loss. Empty the tank as much as you can, add the additive then fill the tank back up. This will maintain octane levels and prevent any rusting from forming inside.
  • Spark Plugs – Have Pine Belt Subaru install better plugs to OE or OE equivalent is the best option before storing your ride.
  • Fogging Oil – Using this oil protects everything from rusting in intake and exhaust inside the cylinder head. It’s very important if you’ll be storing your vehicle long-term.


Use The Professionals At Pine Belt Subaru

If you’re not confident to check the above safely, come in to see us at Pine Belt Subaru. The Service Department technicians will prep your vehicle for storage so you can rest assured there will be no damage when you are ready to drive it again. Schedule an appointment online or stop into our Lakewood car dealers today.


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