A Chance to Volunteer

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer in Lakewood and Lakewood Township, NJ, home of Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler Jeep, premier car dealerships in NJ? If so, consider Ascend Hospice.

Bringing Joy

Ascent Hospice is seeking people who are willing to share a bit of their time to bring a little joy to those at the end of their lives. There are many ways one can bring comfort and caring.

  1. Being a Companionship volunteer includes working directly with patients. You will offer a friendly visit to converse, read to patients, just hold a hand or share a quiet moment.
  2. If you are a certified Reiki, massage and/or reflexology practitioner, Ascend could sure use your expertise. These practices provide comfort, peace and relaxation for hospice patients. These practices have been proven to be beneficial in calming anxiety and providing emotional release for the patients.
  3. If you are the owner of a certified pet therapy dog, Ascend is keenly aware that pet therapy dogs provide socialization, mental stimulation, companionship and much needed smiles for hospice patients.
  4. Hospice philosophy is built on caring for patient’s mind, body and soul. If you are a singer or play a musical instrument, patients find music to enhance the quality of their life.  You could provide musical visits for one patient or a group of patients and bring a great deal of peace and joy.
  5. A Bereavement Volunteer brings much needed support to the family who have lost a loved one. They send cards of comfort and make calls to check up on the family members who have lost a loved one.

Angels on Earth

If you are interested in being one of Ascend’s angels here on earth, please call Ascend’s Volunteer Department or visit their website at ascendhospice.com.

You May Just Be Able to Help

While death is hard to talk about, we at Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep, leading Lakewood car dealers, know many people can be of help for the patients at Ascend Hospice but may not know it. We hope this information helps open your heart to the possibilities.

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