Does Color Really Matter On Our Automobiles?

When you are driving on the highway, do you ever notice the colors on the vehicles around you, or wonder why people select that car color? Research by color expert PPG says that almost 60 percent of car buyers say that color is a major factor in their buying decision. Thirty-nine percent of buyers will actually change the brand of automobile they buy if they can’t find the color they want. So, it does matter to dealers like Lakewood New Jersey’s Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep, premier of car dealerships in NJ, what colors they select for the vehicles on their lots.

What Colors Do Buyers Buy?

Right now in every vehicle segment except for trucks, vans and SUVs (where white leads the pack), silver is the most popular color. Kelley Blue Book says this reflects our affinity toward technology.

Why Does It Matter?

The color of the vehicle you buy can have an affect on the resale value of your vehicle. If your car color is among the most popular, you will have an easier time selling it and get a better price for it. Purple and bright colors can actually accelerate depreciation on your vehicle.

The color red on a vehicle is interesting. You won’t pay more to insure it, but you will pay more for a red vehicle. Red and other bright colors are more expensive to make and require a special finish to keep them from fading. Manufacturers are forced to pass that cost on to the consumer. And, you are not more likely to get a ticket in a red car as per popular myth. Actually, white cars get pulled over more often.

Take the Plunge

If you ask us at Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru or Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep, top lots among Lakewood car dealers, we think you are the best judge of what color to choose on your vehicle. If you want to stand out, pick a bold color. If you want to be practical, go silver. You drive it. What’s your color? Check out our inventory of vehicles and their colors online at, and


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