Keeping Your Car on the Road

The automotive service centers at Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep in Lakewood, NJ, your clear choices for premier car dealerships in NJ, are crazy about what we do. Recently, a United States Senator turned over 400,000 miles on his vehicle. How? By relying on the service center at the dealership where he bought his vehicle to do everything it could to keep it rolling.

The Absolute Musts

The list of what must be done on a vehicle to keep it on the road is not a long one but if followed will #keepyourvehicleontheroad for as long as you own it. What are these must-do items?


  1. Wash your car as often as you can. This keeps the underside of your vehicle clear of dirt and grime that can wear down your vehicle.
  2. A good waxing every six months will go a long way to keeping the paint on your vehicle protected.
  3. Park in the shade whenever possible. This will keep parts made of plastic from fading and leather from cracking.
  4. Keep moving parts well lubricated. It’s easy to have your service technician lube these parts when you are having your oil changed.
  5. On a regular basis, have the wheel bearings cleaned and greased.
  6. Moisture in brake fluid will bread down expensive parts of your braking system like sensors, hoses and calipers. Keep the fluid clean and moisture free by changing the brake fluid yearly and bleed your brakes.
  7. Also flush the cooling system on a yearly basis. The right mix of distilled water and coolant will keep the interior of your cooling system from corroding.
  8. You will want to change the transmission fluid and differential oil as well. Not as often as yearly but do it on a schedule that your owners manual suggests.
  9. Finally, the single most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle’s engine running is to change the oil and oil filter on a regularly scheduled basis.


That’s It?

Of course there are other things that need maintenance to keep your vehicle running, but if you follow these nine simple steps, your car will continue to serve you and your family well. Bring your vehicle into Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep, your top Lakewood car dealers, and let our factory trained service technicians run down the list for you. You’ll be glad you did. You can find out how to make an appointment for service on our websites,, and


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