Why buy a Subaru?

Subaru has been a part of the American automobile landscape for 44 years now. It has seven cars and crossover models that account for only 2.3% of U.S. auto sales. But one thing Subaru does better than any other car maker is rack up more endorsements for safety and quality than nearly every other car maker. Consumer Reports even rates Subaru above Mercedes-Benz in details like performance, reliability and comfort. Piqued your interest? Stop by Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood, NJ, the top Subaru dealer NJ, and give one a try.

ALG says Subaru retains its value better than any other manufacturer. No other brand except for Subaru has been given the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest distinction across the whole line of vehicles.


With all of its accolades, Subaru has built the deepest loyalty from owners in the car business and it shows in the sales numbers. Subarus are flying off dealership lots. Sales for the year are up-up-up. The fastest selling Subaru vehicle is the Impreza, which comes in both sedan and hatchback models. With its low price point, the Impreza is appealing to young families who bank on high gas mileage and a roomy interior. Dealers have about a two week supply of the Impreza currently. Subaru’s BRZ, its sports car, has buzz going as well. Rarely does a car manufacturer have two hits out of the park at the same time.


What’s New?

Coming out in 2018 is the new #SubaruAscent. It’s a new seven passenger crossover to replace the Subaru Tribeca that was short on roominess and thus sales. Subaru has it right this time with a length exceeding the Chevrolet Traverse and width the likes of a Ford F-150.


Don’t Wait

With the popularity of the Subaru continuously growing, come into one of the top car dealerships in NJ – Pine Belt Subaru, and see which fits for you. One of our knowledgeable Sales professionals will take you for a test drive. When you need a vehicle that’s with you for the long haul, you’ll love the Subaru. You can also check them out on our website at www.pinebeltsubaru.com.


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