What is a Radiator and Why is it Important?


The radiator is an important part of your automobile’s cooling system. Unlike your radiator at home that warms your home with steam, the one under the hood of your car is used to move the heat your engine produces away from the engine. If this does not happen, the heat will cause incredible damage to your engine that would make the engine impossible to repair and costly to replace. At the service centers of Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep of Lakewood, NJ, we want you to understand this vital component to your vehicle’s operation.

How Does Your Cooling System Work

Engines have built into them a multiple part cooling system. The exhaust system is where heat exits your vehicle. The oil in your vehicle lubricates the moving parts of your engine. In combination, the radiator and cooling system keep the temperature of the engine at a level that doesn’t threaten damage to your vehicle.

On the engine is a thermostat that when it reaches a certain temperature it causes the release of coolant contained in the radiator and water pump into the engine. The combination of coolant and water takes in the heat being generated by the engine and puts it back through the radiator. Further cooling of the engine is accomplished by a fan attached to the radiator and the air that is brought inside to under the hood through vents. Once the coolant that has absorbed the heat is cooled down, it is put back into the engine to collect more heat.


What You Don’t Want

#PineBelt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine Belt Chrysler-Jeep are your number one choice of car dealerships in NJ and used car dealerships in NJ. We encourage you to bring your vehicle into one of our automotive centers and have your cooling system inspected regularly. As with all parts in a vehicle, any component of your cooling system can wear and need to be replaced. The thermostat that releases coolant into the engine could go on the fritz. When this happens your vehicle can overheat and break down. If you look down under the front of your car and you see a wet spot, you could have a coolant leak. When coolant is low, there is not a sufficient pickup and cooling of engine heat. Neither situation should go unattended but repaired immediately to prevent damage to your engine.


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