Your Vehicle Broke Down Again: Now What?

It’s happened again. You on the side of the road, standing by your car with an engine that won’t turn over. Only Heaven and the next car mechanic who looks at it will know what’s wrong with it. The money you’ve already spent keeping it on the road can’t even be computed in your head. The only question you keep asking yourself over and over in your head is do you put more money in it or bite the bullet and buy a new one?  Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood, NJ, your number one choice for car dealerships in NJ and number one choice for used car dealerships in NJ, would like to help you figure out if you should give in and buy a newer vehicle or not.

Costs You Didn’t Anticipate

You’ve taken good care of your car. Kept up regular maintenance and kept it clean. But the truth is when your vehicle has around 90,000 to 100,000 miles, it’s the time when high cost repairs start creeping up. The hoses start to crack, metal is worn thin, electrical parts are burned out, or the water pump is wobbling off the mount. The radiator is pushing the temperature gauge into trouble territory. It’s a fact of life that car parts don’t last forever.


Should I Buy New?

New cars come with warranties and some free standard maintenance. This means you will likely have a good three years or more before you have to worry about paying for big repairs.

Going back and forth to the repair shop takes time and being without a car could be costly in rental charges alone. Then you get the bill for the repairs.

The newer cars have better safety equipment and you would really like to feel safer on the roads and highways.

A used car may come with its own set of costly problems.


Should I Repair My Vehicle?  Buy A Used Car?

A brand new model car is expensive. So are the registration fees and taxes.

Buying a used vehicle means you save on the cost of depreciation of a new car which loses about 22% of its value in the first year.

But you may think you need your car going until that bonus comes in or you have more saved.  That way you could buy the car you want and not just one you can afford right now.


The Answer

The answer to the question is: if what it costs to fix your vehicle is more than the Blue Book value of your vehicle or more than a year’s worth of payments, it is time to find another ride. Come into Pine Belt Chevrolet and let our expert Sales team and Finance team help you find and finance the right car for you and your budget. Check out our inventory on


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