Find a Pet in Ocean County

If you live in Ocean County, where Pine Belt Chevrolet, Pine Belt Subaru and Pine-Belt Chrysler-Jeep are all premier car dealerships in NJ and located here in Lakewood, NJ, you may have thought about opening your home to a special furry friend. Adopting a dog or cat from the Ocean County Animal Facility saves the lives of these four-legged friends.

What They Do

The #OceanCountyAnimalFacility is a not-for-profit rescue team. The animals they rescue are abandoned, stray, sick or injured dogs or cats. They have a 24-hour receiving service for animals brought in by Municipal Animal Control Officers. There are two facilities, North and South, that serve Ocean County.

Once a stray dog or cat is brought into the facility, they receive an exam by a veterinarian, rabies and distemper shots, a heartworm screening and are spayed or neutered.

The not-for-profit organization, the Volunteer Auxiliary For Animal Shelters, Inc., is run entirely by volunteers who help shelter animals in areas including Ocean County. They tirelessly evaluate the incoming animals and man the off-site adoption locations, as well as the mobile adoption unit.


Types of Donations Needed

The Ocean County Animal Facilities and adoption events are always in need of dry and canned dog food, small and washable rag rugs, metal dog crates, cat carriers, towels, blankets and dog biscuits—and money is always helpful.


Help Find a Car a Home

If you aren’t ready and able to rescue a pet in Ocean County right now, how about your vehicle? Is it time to give a home to a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle so you can take your pet on joy rides or rides to the vet? At our Pine Belt automotive locations we have some great choices, especially in our used car area, as we are one of the top used car dealerships in NJ. Come on in today and we’ll have you driving off the lot in a new vehicle. Check out our inventory at, and


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