How Subaru Plans to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Lakewood’s Pine Belt Subaru dealership NJ is always looking for and finding new ways to keep our customers satisfied and coming back to Pine Belt Subaru. Likewise, our mothership, Subaru of America, is working with dealerships and going the extra mile to keep Subaru owners happy.

Express Service

Subaru is helping dealers grow their Express Service business. Currently, almost half of the 600 Subaru stores across the United States offer Express Service. Express Service currently offers quick oil and filter changes along with tire rotations to Subaru owners. In the next year, Subaru plans to roll out Express Service for brakes and tires at its dealerships, as well.


Nine Straight Years of Growth for Subaru

Rapid growth for Subaru has made the automaker keen to ensure Subaru factory parts are readily available. In Oregon, Southern California and Texas, Subaru has opened parts depots. From California and Texas, these depots can provide next-day service to most Subaru dealers across the country. Previously, much of the parts inventory was in Japan. Now dealerships don’t have to carry so much inventory with the arrival of these new depots. In 2016, Subaru sold $1 billion in #Subaru parts and accessories — which was double the sales of five years ago.


The Best Service Technicians in the Industry

In order to attract and retain the best automotive service technicians in the industry, Subaru is putting together a Subaru U program. The automaker is building relationships with secondary and postsecondary technical training facilities and looping in the local dealers. Subaru is also putting into place an internship program where students work part time at a dealership, in addition to going to school. This effort to introduce young people to a career as a Subaru service technician will indeed grow a dealership’s business.


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