Car Talk in Understandable Language, Part I


At Pine Belt Chevrolet, we are the premier of car dealerships in NJ and Chevrolet dealers, as well. Sometimes it is easy to take it for granted that the language we speak is something that everyone will understand. This may not be true if you are the #firsttimeautomobilebuyer with no knowledge of the working parts of a vehicle. Like the engine, for example.

3.0L V6

What is the significance of a 3.0 liter, V-6 engine? A V-6 engine has six cylinders. The cylinder is the container where the pistons move. A six cylinder engine has six chambers where the pistons move in an up and down movement, or side-to-side in a Subaru, to create power. A V6 will have three cylinders on each side and the engine block will be in the shape of a V. There could also be a four cylinder engine or an eight cylinder. The more cylinders, the more power.

The liter is the amount of charge the engine holds when running. The charge is the mixture of fuel and air breathed into a cylinder that together combusts with the movement of the piston. When a piston moves, it changes or “displaces” an amount of volume inside the chamber when in its movement. The distance a piston moves up is multiplied by the area of the cylinder and then by the number of cylinders. An engine can have up to five liters of charge. The more liters, the more power.

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