What About the Brakes?

Brake Maintenance

There are many new fangled safety features available for vehicles today. But, the heart of the safety system on a car is the brake system. There is nothing more simple or important than keeping your brake system in good working shape.

Every Component

Brakes do not last forever. Brakes will wear out. In fact, just about every component of the brake system will need replacing over time. And there are a good many parts including hoses, lines and pads in the system. Because there are so many components and because they wear out, brakes must be checked at least semi-annually. It’s just as easy, however, to have them checked each time you bring your new or used vehicle into our Pine Belt Subaru Automotive Service Center for an oil change.


What are the Signs of Brake Wear

If you see that the wheel of your car is covered in dust or metal shavings, this is a sign that your #brakesneedchecking. It signifies that the brake pads may have worn down to nothing and there is metal on metal trying to stop your vehicle. Before you see shavings and dust, however, you should have heard a squeal when braking. Brake pads are designed to squeal when they are worn down to a certain level and need to be replaced. Also, if when your foot hits the brake pedal and your pedal hits the floor board, your brakes need to be checked.


How do Brakes Wear

Driving during rush hour on a Friday during summer in New Jersey is one reason brakes wear. So is Saturday heading toward the beach. And Sundays during football season. Stop-and-go traffic is going to wear down the brakes. Also a brake breaker is buying low quality parts to maintain your system.


The Best Thing to Do

When you experience any of the signs of brake wear, bring your vehicle into Pine Belt Subaru Service Center in Lakewood. Our Service Center, located at Pine Belt Subaru, is one of the top car dealerships in NJ and used car dealerships in NJ.  Pine Belt Subaru is your one-stop shop for all your car maintenance and repair needs. Visit Pine Belt Subaru or our website, www.pinebeltsubaru.com, when your new or used car needs servicing.


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