Shocks and Struts

Nothing about this blog will shock you or have you strutting around, but it will have you thinking about the shocks and struts on your vehicle. We at Pine Belt Chevrolet, your #1 of new car dealerships in NJ and used car dealerships in NJ, want to share the mechanics of shocks and struts with you so you understand the importance of keeping them inspected at regular intervals.

What Exactly Are Shocks and Struts

Simply put, shock absorbers keep your car from bouncing. Without shocks, when you go over uneven roads or potholes, you would hit the pavement with each bounce. The shock absorbers provide better handling of your vehicle.

Struts are a part of the suspension system. Struts are mounted to the chassis and a coil spring is mounted on the strut which gives height to your vehicle.


Checking the Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts should be checked on a regular basis. You can check them yourself very easily. The first thing you do is push down on your car over each wheel. The car should bounce back up to a stop position immediately. If you get a second bounce (or more), then the shock or strut on that corner of your vehicle needs replacing. Shocks and struts are replaced in twos. If one side on the front bounces but not the other, you still replace both shocks and struts on the front of the vehicle. Same goes for the rear. Another #signthatyourshocksandstrutsneedreplacing is if there is oil leaking from them.


How Do You Change the Shocks and Struts

You could change the shocks and struts yourself. Shocks are not very difficult but if you don’t have a spring compressor to change the struts, the spring flying off the vehicle could pose a serious threat to your safety.


The best way to replace your shocks and struts is to bring your vehicle into Pine Belt Chevrolet and let our factory trained and certified service professionals inspect and change them for you. Why get yourself covered in grease and oil or put yourself in harm’s way when we have the equipment and expertise to change the parts and make sure you drive off with peace of mind? You get peace of mind knowing you are safe with correctly installed and performing shocks and struts. Find out how to make an appointment today on our website,





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