Getting the Most Mileage for Your Money

Achieving fuel efficiency is a team effort between you and your vehicle. Taking good care of your car along with a few tips from our Service professionals here at Pine Belt Chevrolet, tops in Chevrolet dealers NJ, can save you money at the pump and even lengthen the years you drive your vehicle.

The #1 Tip

The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your vehicle is keep up a #preventativeautomaintenance schedule on your vehicle. Routine maintenance and checks help to identify problems before they necessitate major and costly repairs. When your vehicle is finely tuned and cared for — you will get the best mileage for your buck.


Five More Great Tips for More Miles Per Gallon

  1. Inspect the engine regularly. Making sure that your engine is running at its peak efficiency can increase your mpg by 4%.
  2. Don’t neglect your air filter! Replacing your air filter regularly is easy to do and inexpensive. Not only will it improve your fuel efficiency, but your vehicle will run better.
  3. What’s the air pressure in your tires? Improperly inflated tires on your vehicle reduces gas mileage for sure. With the right air pressure in your tires, you can increase your mpg by more than 3%.
  4. Don’t skimp on the motor oil. Check your owners manual and make sure that you are using the correct motor oil for your vehicle and that you are changing it at the prescribed intervals. This gives you another 1 to 2 percent bump up in your mpg.
  5. If there’s a problem — fix it. Let’s say the oxygen sensor is bad on your vehicle. You are burning gas and burning it fast. Replacing the sensor when faulty can bring gas mileage up by 40%! Replacing anything faulty will save your vehicle as well as money on gas.


Keep Your Vehicle Running

Car dealerships in NJ can make or break the performance and life of your vehicle. Pine Belt Chevrolet’s commitment to you is to keep your car on the road for as long as you own your vehicle. We want to be your dealership of choice when shopping for a new or used vehicle and when you need that vehicle serviced by factory-trained and certified mechanics. Go to www.pinebeltchevrolet and make your service appointment today. You and your vehicle can depend on us.





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