How to Have Your Vehicle Outlive Your Expectations

There was recently an article about a Congressman who had managed to get over 400,000 miles on his vehicle. Yes, that’s is an incredible number. How was he able to do this amazing feat? By performing preventative auto maintenance on his vehicle regularly. Pine Belt Chevrolet wants you to know what that means and what to do to keep your vehicle on the road and running.

Get to Know Your Vehicle

The first really important thing to do is familiarize yourself with your vehicle by reading and referring to your owner’s manual regularly. Inside of the manual, you will find the schedule for #regularautomaintenance for your vehicle. It will tell you when to change oil, belts, filters and what kind of gas and oil your vehicle requires. Using the wrong oil or gas in your vehicle can actually void your warranty, in addition to causing extreme damage to your engine.


The Basics

There are things you can do yourself regularly to give your vehicle a once over. Are your lights working? Is the air pressure adequate in your tires? Are the treads still grooved? Check the fluids. Is the power steering fluid dark or opaque. Can you see wiper fluid in the tank? Can you see antifreeze if you take off the cap? Is there crud on the battery connectors? Are your windshield wipers leaving streaks?


Check and change those belts. When you take your vehicle in for an oil change, have the service tech check your belts. Worn? Change them or else they will fail while you are on the road perhaps doing damage to more than just the belts. Speaking of oil—probably the single most important thing you can do for your engine is change the oil on a REGULAR schedule as identified by your owner’s manual.


Spark plugs worn or dirty? Neglecting to change them costs money in wasted fuel and can cause breakdowns. The importance of rotating and balancing your tires, as well as having the front end aligned with regularity, cannot be overstated. These things keep your tires in healthy shape so that they last a good long while.


Check With a Pro at Pine Belt Chevrolet

Pine Belt Chevrolet, tops in car dealerships in NJ and likewise used car dealerships in NJ, has highly skilled, because they are highly trained, certified professional Service Technicians. When there are maintenance needs on your vehicle that you yourself cannot perform, come and see the pros at Pine Belt Chevrolet. Our goal is to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as you own it. You can make a service appointment online at





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