That Pesky Check Engine Light

It’s inevitable that your stomach drops to the bottom of your feet when that little orange light comes on while you are driving your children to school or on your way to work. A tinge of panic swells inside your chest. You have just shifted from frazzled to frenzied.

Breathe and let go of all that fear, frazzle, and frenzy. Pine Belt Chevrolet, your number one of car dealerships in NJ, says don’t panic and here is why.

It Doesn’t Mean Danger

The Check Engine light is there as a warning to—well, get the engine checked. The diagnostic tool of your engine has detected something is amiss. That something could be as simple as a small fracture in your gas cap OR that the gas cap wasn’t tightened properly after fueling. If you don’t see any cracks or other visible breakages on the cap, twist it back on with all the might you can muster. Commence driving again and the light should go off in approximately 20 seconds if the gas cap was indeed the problem.


It Does Mean Get the Engine Checked

If the engine light doesn’t go off after 20 seconds, as soon as you possibly can, bring your vehicle into Pine Belt Chevrolet where our expertly trained Service Technicians can determine if there is anything wrong with your engine. Just as your engine has an internal diagnostic tool, our technicians have a tool that will retrieve a code from the engine with the diagnosis of the problem. That problem can be something as simple as a worn vacuum hose, worn out spark plugs or something as important as your catalytic converter.  All Chevrolet dealers NJ are able to diagnose your vehicle’s issue in this way.


Pine Belt Chevrolet

Whether your problem is large or small, our Service Technicians at Pine Belt Chevrolet can take care of your problem and get you back on the road quickly. It is our business and objective to keep your vehicle on the road as long as you own it. Come into Pine Belt Chevrolet and take a look at our large inventory of new and certified pre-owned vehicles. Get to know our service department. You can also learn more about us and our services on our website at





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