A New Cruze is in Town

Diesel vehicles often invoke the sensory memory with a bad smell, loud noise or being messy when having to fill the tank with diesel fuel. We drove them, however, because they got better fuel efficiency than gasoline fueled vehicles. That was then. Today, Chevrolet engineering has changed all of that.  Today, there is the Chevy Cruze Diesel Hatchback which has better-than-ever fuel efficiency, produces no fumes, is extremely quiet and has a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Wishing They Had the Chevy Cruze Diesel

Other car dealerships in NJ are wishing they had the new #ChevyCruzeDiesel on their lots. Chevrolet dealers NJ do, however and Pine Belt Chevrolet invites you to check out the new Chevy Cruze Diesel Hatchback at our dealership.


How Did Chevrolet Do It

“There were a lot of little things we had to do to make it all add up,” said Craig Weddle, Chief Engineer on the Cruze. A team made up of powertrain engineers and frictions experts made the design, collaborating with specialists on how to make things bigger weigh less.


Starting with Chevy’s 1.6 liter, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 151 horsepower—it now has a block made of aluminum instead of cast iron. This change shaved off over 30 pounds to improve fuel efficiency. Putting start-stop technology on the Cruze Diesel boosted fuel efficiency by 3%.


The drag coefficient of a vehicle is caused by the way it moves through air. Drag slows it down and decreases fuel efficiency. To reduce drag on the Cruze Diesel, Chevy had to find ways to move air around the vehicle instead of the air pushing against the vehicle. A smooth tray covers the underbelly so that air doesn’t create drag from moving against the engine or suspension system. There are new deflectors on both the front and back of the Cruze Diesel so that air moves around the tires smoothly. All of these changes to the Chevy Cruze Diesel increased fuel efficiency to 52 miles per gallon!


What are You Waiting For

Come on into Pine Belt Chevrolet and check out our inventory of the amazing new Chevy Cruze Diesel Hatchbacks. Or, check them out on our website.





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