Find Your Tires at Pine Belt Chevrolet—They Might Just Smell Good

There are many brands of tires but there are brands that have been with us for so long that their reputation is a deal maker. Such is the case with Continental Tires, changing the industry one innovation at a time.


They’re Not Just Rubber Anymore

Technology has improved tires but we all think of rubber when we think tires. Traditionally, tires have been made from rubber, a totally renewable resource. But, it takes seven years to be able to tap the rubber trees to make tires. The trouble is, the number of cars produced that need tires out number the trees that can be tapped to make tires.


Continental, thinking outside of the box, discovered that dandelions of all things — yes, the little yellow weeds you brought your mom when you were a child. Well, there is a natural rubber that can be made from creating a polymer out of dandelions. You might want to start planting dandelions as a cash crop soon. Russian dandelions were discovered to be the heartiest.


Another polymer was created by Continental using a compound made of black chili, this time for bicycle tires. These tires adjust the tire’s surface grip to push water away from the tire.


Take the Worry Out of Tires at

It is interesting to learn how technology is changing the tires on your vehicle. Still, all you really need to do is leave the choosing, care and maintenance of your tires to our experts at your top-tier Chevrolet dealer NJ, #PineBeltChevrolet. Other car dealerships in NJ may be able to spin a tale or two about tires, but our highly trained Service Technicians can give you the straight scoop on which tires are best for your car. Check us out and make an appointment to service your tires on our website,






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