Breaking Those Bad Habits – Service Tips From Pine Belt Chevrolet

Whether you drive a new car or used car in New Jersey winters, Pine Belt Chevrolet wants you to know how we can help you keep your vehicle running to beat the freezing cold and icy roads. Just a few simple bad habits can cause havoc and wear on your vehicle.

Do’s and Don’ts

It seems so simple, yet so many of us neglect to change the wipers in the winter before a horrid winter storm. To have streaks and ice forming along the path of your wiper blades can be a significant safety hazard. Don’t let that happen to you! Stop by Pine Belt Chevy and let us change them out.

There is a difference between tires that are best for summer and safer for winter. Winter temperatures that hit summer tires can cause the tires to weaken and make for more difficult handling and braking.  And don’t forget to let our skilled Service Technicians monitor the air in your tires over the winter. A 10-degree drop in temp causes the PSI in your tires to drop. Underinflated tires are safety hazards and contribute to lower gas mileage.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

How tempting it is to drive on by that gas station when the temperatures are freezing. But if it is freezing outside and your gas tank has lots of empty space where the fuel should be, moisture inside the tank can lead to ice in the fuel lines. If you thought standing outside pumping gas is cold, wait until you are trying to start your car with a frozen gas line in the freezing cold.

And don’t let the cold temperatures tempt you into letting your car idle for a lengthy period of time to warm it up. Idling for extended periods can lead to spark plug build up and it also wastes gas.


Pine Belt Chevrolet is the Key

Make your service appointment on our website at and let us take care of keeping your car winterized and protected. At #PineBeltChevrolet, we know you can keep your vehicle on the road for many miles and many years with the right kind of care. We’re the best among Chevrolet dealers NJ! That’s what we are here for—to keep your vehicle running beautifully for as long as you own it.





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